Rob Lowe Burns President Obama for His Interviews with Youtube Stars and Twitter Roars in Approval

On the heels of the dust-up over the news that the President will not be meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he speaks to a joint session of Congress in March, actor Rob Lowe asked a very pertinent question via Twitter.

The context of his question is the President’s interviews Thursday with three different YouTube “personalities” to discuss issues raised in his State of the Union address. The interviews have received a lot of press, and not just because it was his first post-address meeting with the media.

The event didn’t include any members of the traditional or mainstream media. It was promoted by the White House and others with the hashtag #YouTubeAsksObama.

One of the participants, GloZell Green, is a comedian with 3.3 million YouTube subscribers, who is most famous for her video while taking a bath in milk and Froot Loops cereal. And eating the cereal while in the bath.

For those that didn’t understand last night’s tweet, Lowe tweeted this today as a follow up:

The conclusion that Lowe is making is obvious. And the Twitter responses were quite strong.
Here are a few examples:

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