Bruce Willis Set For ‘Extraction’

Willis plays a former CIA operative who hasn’t been the same since his wife was murdered. His son is a fresh young CIA operative following in his footsteps and with his father they are working on the development of a super-weapon called the Condor, when dad is kidnapped by a terrorist group. 

Learning that there is no plan for his father to be saved, Harry launches his own rescue operation. It leads to a conspiracy that will change his life forever. Tim Sullivan, Brandon Grimes and Gus Furla as co-producers.

Willis is repped by CAA, Miller by UTA and Aperture and EFO by WME. 

EFO’s in pre-production on Martin Scorsese’s Silence, which Paramount releases, and just began shooting 90 Minutes In Heaven. EFO exec produced the Sundance-premiering Mississippi Grind and the Universal climbing disaster pic Everest.

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