Arizona theaters to show 'The Interview'

TEMPE, Ariz. - It's one of the most talked about movie premieres in years. "The Interview" opened in 300 movie theaters across the country on Christmas day and there were big crowds on hand to check out the controversial comedy.

Sony originally shelved the movie after threats of a 9-11 style attack, but movie executives reversed course earlier this week, agreeing to show the movie in some theaters and stream it online.

Here in the valley the movie is playing at the Harkins Valley Art Theater on Mill Avenue in Tempe, and all of the showings were sold out Christmas day.

There was a long line outside the theater for the first showing of The Interview.

We talked to people who came here, not so much because they were so interested in seeing the movie, or thought it would be good. It was about vindicating their rights as Americans.

"I came down here because we should not have censorship, if you don't release it , it is kind of censoring us and it's a loss for us," said Anna Johnson.

"I just don't think a dictator across the world should dictate what we see when and where that's it," said Tim Fox.

They were all making a statement, and they also wanted to be entertained. After all, we're talking about the movie here. Afterwards, everyone's a critic.

"Um, it is a shooting, bloody film, don't take it seriously, I can see why they were mad, but don't go into it with very high expectations," said Brenda Ventura.

"It is a really funny film, not like real life in North Korea; it is a movie you know," said, "KC."

It's a movie a lot of people are eager to see.

Watching "The Interview" became a trending topic on Twitter on Christmas day. Reviews of the movie were mixed, a lot of people chose to see the film as an act of defiance.

The Tempe Police Department would not give any specific details about patrols in the area but did tell FOX 10 that they were working with theater management to keep movie goers and the community safe during the showings.

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