Which Cameras Were Used by the 2014 Sundance Filmmakers?

by V Renée

Sundance is over -- the winners have been announced and filmmakers of all types are leaving the small town of Park City in droves -- however, for many, things are just beginning. This festival has a way of inspiring young filmmakers to jump out of their seats and grab their cameras, but probably the biggest question that's asked in the very beginning is, "What camera should I buy?" One way to answer that is to find out what pros are using on projects that closely resemble yours, which is why this list, compiled by Indiewire, of the cameras used by this year's Sundance Film Festival filmmakers is an excellent resource in learning our (future) peers and colleagues' approach to filmmaking. Continue on for the full list of cameras.
This list is much, much, much more diverse than the list of camera's used by this year's Oscar-nominees. The Oscars might've been completely dominated by the ARRI ALEXA and ARRIFLEX, without even a mention of a RED camera, but Sundance had quite an array of cinema cameras and DSLRs, film and digital cams, ARRI, Canon, Panasonic, and yes, even RED. In fact, the EPIC and the SCARLET were used by quite a number of filmmakers. One brand that didn't show up on the list: Blackmagic.
Check out the list of cameras and lenses used by the Sundance filmmakers below, courtesy of Indiewire.

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